Don’t you just think it’s a waste of time, going to the office and not having anything to do? I’m thinking of my bed, books I haven’t finished reading (“Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy” from Gita and “Jomblo”, which I bought out of curiosity yesterday at PI Mall), and the VCDs I rented. The truth is, I have something to do: re-design to-ye’s website (it becomes a natural that Haldin and/or to-ye change their minds after some extent of development). But it’s not that urgent, if you know what I mean. So I feel kinda bored here. Even Mario’s fast asleep (complete with his snoring) at the corner of the room. I wish my Cosmopolitan arrived today. It’s about time, it’s already August 26th! As I said yesterday, I’m more into analytical stuff right now, so I’d be happier to edit Mbak Iwul’s text for BSI’s brand guide than designing something. The scariest thing is I was thinking to edit Serambi’s The Da Vinci Code (Indonesian version)–because I could find 1-2 errors in EVERY GODDAMN PAGE–and send the book to them. X-( It’s so annoying.


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