Saturday Night Live

Went to the writers’ meeting today at TC. The meeting was refreshing, different than the usuals. We wrapped it up at around 5.30 pm, then went home.

I just spent the best part of my Saturday flipping the channels between Indosiar (AFI) and RCTI (Indonesian Idol). It’s the grand final of Indonesian Idol (I envy Joy’s voice), and in AFI I really would like to see Intan get eliminated (and she did. yaaaay!). Pathetic? Naah, I wouldn’t say so. I watched them for the music.

Aaaanyway, I still have 4 episodes of Band of Brothers to watch. And there’s Survivor Marquesas tonight. Just called my Mom to let her know that I can’t make it to her (and my sis’s) tabla performance tomorrow cause (1) It’s too far and there’s this parking problem, and (2) I have to get to my grandma’s much earlier because I have to help her preparing the big birthday dinner. Not to mention that I have to run to PI Mall in the morning.

Since the meetings are back to normal, I guess I won’t be having free Saturdays anymore, at least for the time being. I’m planning to start going to the gym next week. 😀


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