Yesterday was the re-celebration of my grandma’s 90th birthday. Everybody but my cousin Ira was present:
~Aditirto I: Oom Han, Tante Swan (the hosts).
~Aditirto II: Daud, Siew Khim, Estella
~Suchland: Jeff, Gita, Kayla Grace (she’s cuuuute!!!)
~Adhiwiyogo I: Oma (the birthday ‘girl’)
~Adhiwiyogo II: Oom Tigran, Tante Fay, Markus, Talitha; Introducing: Colby, Talitha’s bf.
~Koesbaroto: My dad, my mom, my sister Puni; Introducing: Patria, my sister’s bf.
~Lumunon: Victor and me.

Jeff, Gita, and Kayla came from San Diego about a week ago. Kayla is about 7 months old and as I’ve mentioned before, she’s cute (particularly when she put on her pajamas…). They got to go to Bali, but strangely I couldn’t see their tan. Hehe… Ira is Gita’s and Daud’s older sister. She couldn’t make it. Perhaps it’s because she lives in Canada (I don’t know where in Canada she is) now. It’s been a year or so, I think. So beside the fact that it’s very far from here, she probably couldn’t take time off from work. Estella is the first grand-granddaughter of my grandma. I can’t remember if she’s Indonesian or Singaporean. I think she was born in Singapore, but her dad (Daud) is Indonesian. So, I really don’t know… Anyways, Gita & Jeff started their own design company and there’s a possibility that we (my company and theirs) can work together in the future.

Markus came all the way from San Jose. He did a presentation at the end of the gathering, of his missionary trip to Mongolia. The facts are amazing. Like, I didn’t know that many of them are (still) nomads. And they have some kind of ‘wartel’: a man holding out a phone to passerby. So it’s human public phone. I wonder where they plug those phones on the street. Talitha graduated last year from Duke (!) and now she works somewhere. Maybe that’s where she met Colby. We didn’t really talk about that yesterday. They went to Bali this morning, by the way… *daydreaming a little*

My mom and my sister performed at “Heritage Food in Heritage City” earlier yesterday, and we got to see them play tabla specially for us. Markus, being the ‘next’ “National Geographic” reporter recorded the performance and interviewed them. Hehe… His next presentation (after Mongolia) will probably be about Tabla.

I helped Oma with her ‘memory’ game. Everyone (but me) had to memorize 30 items in 1 minute and write down as many as they remembered. Whoever got the most correct answers got to choose the gift from Oma first. Victor came in second (after Markus) and he chose the one I had an eye on. But that’s OK, we live in the same house anyway. :p Though Oma told me that I could re-order the taken gift, I chose one from the display before we went home. And she gave me another one, extra! See? Good things happen to good people. :p

All in all, yesterday was great. It’s not everyday I got to see my relatives from my Mom’s side since many of them live on the other side of the world. When can we visit them there instead? Hehe…


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