What the hell is WRONG with these people. ANOTHER FUCKING BOMB?!?!

The bomb blew off on Jalan HR Rasuna Said (known as Kuningan). The main target may be the Australian Embassy, but we don’t know that for sure. Many buildings nearby caught the effect. Fabee’s sister, Michelle, who works in a building right beside the embassy got glass-sprayed. She was in E.R. at MMC Hospital when Puni called her. I hope she’s OK. Well, she’s not OK, but I hope she’s tough enough to handle the pain. 😦

What the hell are these bombers think? If they want to make a statement, why don’t they just blow those offices at night when everybody’s at home, sleeping. Instead they blew it in the middle of the day, where most people are in their offices. It’s obvious that they think killing innocent people is part of the fun. What? They think they’re better than any of these people they killed? They think they know better than any of these people? Sometimes people just forget who they really are. A mere humanbeing. Like debris or dust compared to this universe. Power in this world doesn’t mean a thing.


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