The Week After

I’m still at my parents’. We spent 4D/3N at Hotel Maharani last weekend so Victor could totally rest without any disturbing difficulties like the long walk to the bathroom and the even longer walk to the front of TV. It seems to be working, as he’s getting better everyday. He can now go to the bathroom by himself, he can use his right hand to hold a spoon (so I don’t have to feed him anymore).

Earlier this evening, my cousin (she’s a doctor) got rid off some of Vic’s stitches. There’ll be another session for that next week. Also this afternoon, we went to some kind of a traditional masseuse in Cilandak to take care of Vic’s upper arm (the x-ray result was good, no dislocation, but he found it difficult to move it). After about 15 minutes of treatment, “miraculously” he could move his arm. WOW.

I still haven’t gone to the office. Vic still needs my presence from time to time. Maybe next week, when he’s strong enough, then we can return home. *thinking hard about those stairs he has to climb to reach our bedroom* THEN, I can go back to work. And maybe THEN he can go back to work.

The lessons learned from this accident are:
1. Always use a full-face helmet. We’re going to get one for each of us.
2. Always get enough sleep so that the possibility of being sleepy on the road is minimized. Not that this accident is the result of that, but at least when you’re alert, your reflex works better.
3. Not smoking [Dji Sam Soe] ciggies for a week doesn’t kill you.
4. Not working in front of the computer for a week doesn’t kill you, either.
5. Getting a permanent or at least a full-time job is somewhat necessary. Not for the paycheck, but for the health insurance. That’s the kind of security we can’t always afford.

The [SYMPATHY TRACK] of this episode is, Victor actually felt that “something big” was going to happen. He cleaned up our house, because he thought we were going to have a baby. But exactly on the day of the accident, I got my period. Maybe taking care of my hubby 24/7 is MY lesson.


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