This Little Piggy Goes to Book Fair

Today’s the first day I left Victor alone at my parents’. The whole family went to Bentara Budaya. My Mom and Sis (again) performed with their tabla at the Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Book Discussion. My Dad and I just watched (we came to a conclusion that my Mom and my Sis are ‘rhythmic people’, while my Dad and I are ‘melodious people’, if there are such words). The discussion was so-so. The topic was heavy but the explanation was light. But the tabla performance was perfect (my Mom received an email from a Gramedia employee wanting to learn tabla, hours after the performance).

Anyway, I bought some books (can’t get enough of them). Some are re-printed books from my childhood: Totto-Chan and Enid Blyton’s bumblebee series. Had my eyes on MORE books, but I decided to order them through my Mom at discounted price (oh, I’m so cheap!).

Ness SMSed me with a good news. Belle passed her final exam with flying colors! Congrats, Belle! Ness, I start counting the days to your wedding day. Hehehehehehe… ]:)

There’s also something weird going on with my credit card after we stayed at the hotel. I hope it will settle itself soon. Meanwhile, I’m monitoring the unbilled transaction.

My Sis is seeing the Oriental Circus again, this time with Putra. I forgot to mention that we got to see the circus 2 days before the accident. It wasn’t Cirque du Soleil, but it was OK and entertaining.

Btw, I started to play Sims again, since I got to spend days doing nothing (I forgot to bring my translation with me, geblek…). But you know me, I’m more into building the house (with the ‘limitless money’ cheat) than the live mode. Funny thing is, as I always make my character a Capricorn, she always spends 30 minutes doing nothing when she wakes up (or getting angry when she wakes up involuntarily). Ha! That’s SOOO MEEEE! 😀


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