Count Your Fingers

Rainy season is about to start. In Jakarta, it’s always dillematic: no rain means we have to cope with the over-heated city, but rain means we have to be prepared of the ‘annual’ flood. For me, it’s funny (and almost ridiculous) that most people blame Jakarta’s governor for the flood. I mean, yes, he should do something about it, but do they really expect one man can shoo away the flood? Have we ever really thought what causes it? Haven’t we been taught about that over and over in elementary school? And still, most of us don’t really know what trashbins are for. Rivers become a big trashbin, and a magical one too (“now you see it, now you don’t”–>it flows wherever the river flows, stupid!). Well of course there are other issues too, like there aren’t enough trees in the city (they were cut down and malls are built on top of their graves). Etc. Etc. But what I’m saying here, when something bad happens, our initial reaction should be to look at ourselves first. Just like a saying goes: “When you point a finger at someone, the other three fingers are pointing back at you.”


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