I’m Still Alive

It’s been a while since my last entry. Just want to say that I’m alive. Victor is much better now. He has started working again. I’m still trying to pick up my routine. So much to catch up at work, and I’m a little behind schedule for the translation. Haven’t done any writings since the accident (I managed to develop a storyline just before the accident and I was in the middle of developing another one) because I don’t think my brain can handle it right now. I can do storylines though, but not scripts.

Speaking of routine, I’m adding another item to it. I joined Cosmo Choir (some members of Cosmopolitan Indonesia mailing list had an idea to make a choir). Conquering my fears of meeting new people, I went to the first meeting (thanks to for agreeing to join the choir too, so I wasn’t exactly alone). It was OK, though I still can’t find words to say to other people. Let alone be ‘chatty’.

And to learn how to be more outgoing and active, I bought an illustrated book titled “Gaul”, co-written by Eileen Rachman and Petrina Omar. Now I know my problem is. Really have to improve my interpersonal skills! 😀

I also have a new fad: Eskulin Kids with Disney’s Piglet on the packaging. It’s a sanitizing gel, and it smells like strawberry. Very cute and addictive! :p

So, there. I’m very much alive. It’s just that my brain has been full lately, PLUS the internet connection at the office sucks!


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