What Kind of Girl?

A hybrid? COOLNESS!
Haha… Even the Indie Girl looks a lot like me. And yes, I always dump my trash in the trashbin, unlike more than half of Indonesians. :p

I went to writerighters’ meeting on Saturday and got to watch the new episode of The Salon being edited. With Peggy and Andre (Stinky) joining the show, I hope it’s getting better and better. The funny thing is that the editor is my senior at uni, a friend of Victor’s and Bayu‘s.

Yasha called me twice in Saturday, trying to persuade me into going to Gonzaga Reunion the next day. But yesterday I went and had a haircut, and then to church, so I had to turned him down. Sorry, Yash. :p I DID tell you that I didn’t really feel up to it, didn’t I? :p :p :p

P.S. Victor got a new haircut too. Good bye long-hair!


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