Addictive It Is…

Free Fallin’…

I made this one yesterday at the office when I was still pissed off at whatever happened yesterday. X-(

Ice, Ice Baby…

The hair looks much much more like my ‘do now (supposedly, during an hour after a haircut). The doll’s style, I think, is a combo of my random elements: rebellious, cold, and of course, BEARilicious. :p~

Star People

The outfit I would really wear in real life. If only I were slimmer… so that people wouldn’t look at me as the “chubby girl with a weird sense of fashion”. šŸ˜€ *Reminds me of Putra. Hehehehe*

Anyways, I dared myself to take the challenge and do an illustration for a TeenLit book. Wish me luck!

And this evening was the first choir practice. It was so damn refreshing!!! Oh yeah, I was born to sing!


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