Ya Udah…

On Friday some of us went to “Ya Udah” Bistro on Jl. Jaksa. There were Bayu, Ade, Putra, Fabee, Michelle, Ness, Belinda, Ronny, Victor, and myself. Too bad Anne and Puni didn’t show up (did you know about this, by the way?)

Putra and I went to aksara Plaza Indonesia just before the meeting. I bought “Shopaholic & Sister” (Sophie Kinsella) and the screenplay book of “When Harry Met Sally” by Nora Ephron. I really needed to reward myself and build up my old habit of reading good books (and buying them).

Back to “Ya Udah” (quite a funny name, in English it’s something similar to “OK, then”), I had Fillet Steak. I regret my decision to have mushroom sauce (instead of blackpepper) just because I thought it’s been a long time since I had steak with mushroom sauce. The taste is so-so, but as I’d told you before some months ago, the portion is VERY generous. But because it was raining and traffic jams were everywhere, some of use came in late, so by the time they came I had finished my meal. I then ordered Bread & Butter Pudding, which was very good. Yum!

Yesterday I went to my sister’s boutique and had a fitting. I hope it comes out OK. 😀
And then the meeting… Bayu bought a lot of stuff from Glodok (like this very cool MP3 player, hehe…), but what caught my attention most was the complete series of The X-Files Season 1 on DVD. I went straight to ITC Kuningan to get one, too, after the meeting. :p
Oh, we had dinner at Super Kitchen. Yummy! But it’s not Halal food, so I wouldn’t recommend it to some of you.

Victor’s gone swimming at PI Mall now… while I have to do my laundry… and finish the illustration.
Ya udah, ya…


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