Going Green

Did I mention that Pak Sjarif treated us all (the writers) at Lawry’s Plaza Senayan last Thursday? My mouth waters just thinking about it. Hehe… I guess apart from the possibility of another series based on the location, it marked the end of the ‘rush season’ what with the completion of Bajaj Bajuri Ramadhan episodes and the end of The Salon. The prime rib was of course delicious, but I got full mainly because of the side dish. But I’m very grateful for the decent meal because I could never afford having one there myself! :p

On the weekend before the holidays, I rushed my illustration work. Finally, after sending in the work to GPU, my real holidays began!

Went to Plaza Senayan on Malam Takbiran (that’s what we call Idul Fitri Eve). Surprisingly, Kinokuniya which resides in Sogo Department Store, was about to close at 8 pm. Geez. No fun! Though I’ve spent almost an hour there and didn’t buy a single thing. πŸ˜€

On Idul Fitri Day, I wore the sleeveless shirt my sis designed (I told my sis that maybe they should use me as their big-size walking-model… hehehe). We went to my parents’ first, then to our relatives’ at Rawasari. Unlike the years before, we only spent about 2 hours there and went back to my parents’. We had another plan: go up to Desa Jogjogan (a little farther up Cipayung). After finishing up at my parents’ and my sister’s friend Ira showed up, we went to ours to pack and off we went! Woohoo!

We spent 3D/2N there. As usual, lots of food and lots of sleep, 2 rounds of Pictionary, and loads of fun. On the day we headed back to Jakarta, we stopped by Jalan Tajur and Jalan Padjajaran, Bogor. Got myself 4 (FOUR!!!) bags (black leather, chocolaty brown leather, pink suede, and blue/flowery canvas) and 2 shirts (black, of course, and GREEN… yuck! But I bought it anyways, just to prove that I CAN wear green). πŸ˜€ You should’ve seen how all those shopping bags were stuffed into the car with 6 people (we borrowed Oom Nuring’s KIA Carens, btw, so don’t imagine that black Vios… hihihi… it would’ve been scarier). But we got home OK.

Victor and I spent another night at my parents’ because my Mom and I had to do some revision on Perempuan Perkasa (working title).

Finished all that yesterday, now I only have 4 days before work starts again… Can’t wait till Christmas holidays. Heheh… :p :p :p


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