Oops! I Did It Again

That Britney’s song always reminds me of Lucky Guy. I haven’t spoken to him for, like, 6 months? The last one was also done in Yahoo! Messenger. I’m using my sister‘s computer at the office to write this, and last week I found my old conversation log between Lucky Guy and me. Didn’t want to look at it, period. *sigh*

But actually, that’s not the “Oops! I Did It Again…” I wanted to talk about. Remember my last entry about JifFest? Um… I ended up getting 15 tickets. I’m going to skip 2 choir practice and 1 writers’ meeting. *naughty girl* But I’m telling myself that it’s much much better from other people I know… (Like… Putra, who got 26 tickets… Hehe…). Well, who could resist when they’re screening lots of movies for free? So out of 15 tickets, I only paid for 8, and the rest are free. I wish I had all the time (and money) to watch the rest of them. :p On the other hand, some of the movies they’re screening are already out on DVD. Like, the opening movie “Goodbye, Lenin!”, then “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Monsieur Ibrahim”, “Super Size Me”, “I Not Stupid”, and “Io Non Ho Paura (I’m Not Scared)”. Think I might just buy the DVD, remembering the price is only a third of the ticket price. Hohoho…

The second “Oops” is that I hardly find time to do PP script, the illustration, and the translation, all at the same time. Just thinking about it makes my stomach churn. Not to mention that my G4 at the office finally needs a new hard drive, so I can’t use it for the time being (thank God, my client is still out of town!). Really need to finish all that one of these days!!!

And on the house… I talked to Pak Sjarif about my thought. See, our house rent right now is only 7 million/year. He thinks that a house rent of 35 million/year is cheap! Geez. If we can only pay 7 million, would he be paying the rest of it? Guess what? He said yes, he would! Wow. But in return, we’re like taking care of that house. Well, we’ll see how it goes then…

Oh, the third “Oops”: I bought 9 more DVDs after only on Tuesday I bought 11! This craze has got to stop sometime… But how? HOW? Has Becky Bloomwood taken over my body????

Over and out.


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