Rock My World

I spent last night at my parents’, leaving Victor with his fever at home, and then took a day off from office today because I had to finish writing a script for PP pilot. But after tonight’s meeting, I started to think that I did all of those for NOTHING.

For as long as I’ve been a scriptwriter, I never encountered a situation like this. I mean, my Mom and I volunteered to do the characterization for the series. When it’s done, Dhei did the storyline. Each my Mom and Deden even did alternative storyline. Then the script was actually done by Pak Pramono. Pak Sjarif sent the script over to my Mom and me to have our comments, mainly just to know if the script is OK enough to be edited or do we have to completely re-write the whole thing. We said it was editable. But when we met the director for the first time, he gave some input that made the whole script need to be rewritten, and in fact the storyline needed to be altered and focused. So my Mom and I got the job to rewrite the script, but before we did the script, we had to rewrite the storyline again. When we have written the storyline, we sent it to the other team members to get some input. The only person who gave an input is Victor, but that was becaue I urged him to do so (it’s such a convenience that another team member lives in the same house), and my Dad, who’s not in the team at all. I was going to wait for more input, but Pak Sjarif said to just go on with the script because he didn’t think the director could give comments based on storyline only. So we started to make the beat sheet, which is actually a script without dialogues. We also sent out the beat sheet to the other team members, and still, we got no comments. And that brings us to when I decided to spend the night at my parents’ and skip office the next day.

And this is what happened today: my Mom and I were late because we just finished writing the script at 5.30, finished printing at 5.45, finished getting ready at 6.00, and by the time we got out to the main road it was raining and the traffic jam was building up near Mampang-Pejaten. We ended up coming in to the meeting at 6.30-ish. The director hasn’t showed up then, so we talked about JifFest and some other stuff for a while. And then he came, and we gave hime the script. He read it for a while then he had it photocopied at another room. After a while, when we all had our copies, we began to look into it. But instead of reading the whole script, the director just read the first bit of a scene and made comments. Well, I mean, it’s OK if he already read the storyline and the beat sheet, but he made such comments that made me want to say “Please, just read it through first and you’ll understand what we meant”. And he did that all the time, and more often than not he contradicted himself. Like in one scene, he said that we shouldn’t make it too long. And then he will tell us his ideas, and it was, like, twice longer than our original one. We usually also follow one of the golden rules to always move the scene from one location to another to eliminate monotony; but because he came up with these ideas, there are more than 2 side-by-side scenes that are to be shot in the same location. I must’ve sounded “strong” back then because sometimes he just couldn’t get what we meant and well, you know how I am. By the time the clock struck 9, we were just about to finish Act 1, and half of the original Opening Tease and most of Act 1 were gone. I was so damn tired.

After we had dinner, and our tiredness showed, he then told us that we really should talk to Aris about this, not him, because he’s just the director, and Aris is the one deciding what’s worth to be shot. There was this huge WTF? appearing inside my head. Real huge. So what’s the use spending those long hours with him when we really should just go over the script with someone else?

Got home at 11.30, got my Mom’s SMS to read Pak Sjarif’s email immediately. Here’s the subject, and I quote: “PLEASE STOP ALL TV WRITING WORK UNTIL MEDIA ALLIANCE PAYS”. It was CC-ed to Brett (MA) and Gary (GMM) too! Great, isn’t it?

I fucking need another holiday.


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