My hubby turns 31 today. Yay (or Eek?)! I congratulated him over the phone at midnight last night because I was still at TIM (watching “Nobody Knows”, JifFest) and he was at home. I told him to open the present but eventually he waited for me to be back. I hoped he liked the present (it’s a black & yellow multi-handle Converse bag and the VCD boxset of “Band of Brothers”), cuz I got them in a hurry while he went swimming. πŸ˜€ The guy at the Gift Wrapping Corner was kind enough to wrap my two presents though I only bought one item at their place (Metro).

Too bad his birthday is on a weekday so we couldn’t do much about it. We’re going to JifFest anyway… He’s going to see “Detox: Saccharine Revenge” at Teater Kecil while I’m going to see “S Tebou Mi Bavi Svet” at Istituto Italiano. Think I’m gonna pass “Cloaca” and spend the evening with him. Promise I’ll take him out to dinner someplace this week. It’s not everyday your hubby turns 31… πŸ˜€


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