Ask me “Why the long face?” to me and I’ll tell you why:

1. I’ve done the illustration so far but in the end they asked for too much of a revision and I chose not to do it. So they will not use my illustration after all. Not that big a disappointment, really, because I know the illustration is not bad, it just doesn’t meet their expectation. Plus, I really don’t have the time to do it this time of year because there are much more important things to be done. Nevertheless, they said they’re going to compensate the time and effort I’ve put into the work.

2. My G4 is still on strike. We’ve bought a new hard drive but I think there’s some imperfection in installing the OS. The old hard drive isn’t supposed to be read, but somehow it is. Have to wait for Jo to come by tomorrow.

3. New developments on PP. Since one of the lead actresses demand too much, GMM decides to lose her. But instead of looking for someone who fits the profile of the ready characterizations, they have an idea to bring in a younger actress, thus we have to start over the characterizations. Oh, come on, guys! Make up your mind!

4. Still haven’t found the house.

5. Our jetpump is broken again. Taking a shower’s never been this hard. Not to mention doing laundry! X-(

6. The lady who irons our clothes have this ‘annoying’ habit of not delivering the ironed clothes to our house once they’re done. Do I have to knock on her door everyday and ask? We’re running out of clean clothes!



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