Back to Life!

Finally, JiFFest is over. I can go back to my normal life now–back to work, back to translation, back to the piles of laundry. :p
These are the movies I managed to see during the week’s screening:
1. Detox: Saccharine Revenge (assorted short movies from Minikino‘s collection) ~ 3.5/5
2. Imelda (The Philippines) ~ 3.5/5
3. Bridal Shower (The Philippines) ~2.5/5
4. Oasis (Korea) ~ 4.5/5
5. Nobody Knows (Japan) ~ 4.5/5
6. S Tebou Me Bavi Svet (Czech) ~2.5/5
7. Cloaca (The Netherlands) ~ 3.5/5
8. Detox: Love, Hate, and Every Little Thing in Between (another assorted short movies from Minikino‘s collection) ~ 3.5/5
9. KickStart! (assorted short docus from InDocs) ~ 3/5
10. Detox: Trick or Treat! (again, assorted short movies from Minikino‘s collection) ~ 4/5
11. Coffee and Cigarettes (US) ~ 4/5
12. Stratosphere Girl (Germany) ~ 4/5
13. Lilja 4-Ever (Sweden) ~ 4/5
14. Dirty Pretty Things (UK) ~ 3.5/5
15. Chicken Rice War (Singapore) ~ 4/5
16. Bride & Prejudice (UK) ~ 4.5/5

Had the ticket for Shara (Japan) yesterday but I decided to call it a day after seeing the closing film, Bride & Prejudice. The festive mood I was in was too good to be spoiled by another movie. Strange, huh?
All in all, I had a great time at JiFFest this year. None of the movies I planned to see got cancelled so I could stick to my plan.
Some of the movies they’re screening are already out on DVD, though:
1. Super Size Me
2. Monsieur Ibrahim
3. Io Non Ho Paura (I’m Not Scared)
4. I Not Stupid
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
6. Goodbye, Lenin!
That’s why I didn’t buy tickets for those movies… Some of them I’ve seen, and some of them I hope to get the next time I go to ITC. I still have about 8 DVDs I bought and haven’t watched, btw. :p

FYI, the next JiFFest will be held from December 9 to December 18, 2005. 😉


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