The Tsunami

Tsunami is the ‘topic’ of my most dreaded nightmares for years. I sometimes think that maybe in my past life (if there’s any) I may be dead from drowning in a Tsunami. This explains why I don’t like to swim, I hate deep waters, and any of water-related behaviors I’ve been carrying since I was a child (there’s this pic of me hanging on tightly to my Mom’s waist while crying at some beach, and I remember that I used to hate stepping in the slippery bathroom’s floor).

All this to say that it really happened. I mean, the tsunami. Well, I guess you all have read or heard it on the news and others’ journals by now. I just want to say that I’m just as sad as you are and the other people. If I choose not to talk about it so much it’s because the reason I stated above.

We collected as many (used) clothes at home and gave it to Mbak Iwul, whose friend is organizing the shipment and distribution of the aids. I hope it helps. I wish I could do more, but I really don’t know what else to do beside praying for them not to lose faith and hope in God.

Have a blessed new year, everyone!
Keep the faith.


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