Mixed Feelings

Friday night I hung out with the girls from C Choir at NAV Karaoke. It was crazy. Too bad we only booked for 2 hours, but it was enough to satisfy my craving for karaoke for a while. userinfosaxsilverain and I are planning (once again) to do this, only the two of us, early next month. That would be superb!

But Saturday started with sad news. A friend of mine from elementary & junior high passed away. And to think that he just got married several months ago. X-( I just can’t imagine how his wife must really feel. But I’m sure God has plans for them, and that he’s happily resided in the heavens.

Went to the service with userinfofhilea, Helen, Jerry, and Ruth, and met several other guys there (Jephta, Harry, Rocky, and Andri). All of them were my elementary & junior high friends. Helen gave me a ride back home, and while we were taking userinfofhilea home, we listened (and sang) to her CD full of hair metal hits (Mr. Big, Skid Row, Poison, and all that). *wide grin* Oh, how I miss those days… After dropping off userinfofhilea, Helen and I got lost because we took a wrong turn. But it was all right, I managed to get home after all. 🙂 Meeting them made me feel so young again. I guess that’s why people hold reunions…

I finished reading “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” last night. Phew! Great book (should write a review later)! I’m starting “The Alchemist” now. I’m so glad now that I got my weekends back! Quitting the writing job seems to be the right decision for me. 🙂

Now, let’s start exercising, shall we?


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