Find A Way

I’m home, sick. I’ve been feeling under the weather since 2 weeks ago, but today’s the worst. Aside from physical illness, probably I’m too worried over my rent which is due on Feb 10. And worried that I couldn’t stop buying books and/or CDs/cassettes! I bought “The Tale of Despereaux” (by Kate DiCamillo) and Renee Olstead’s cassette (still couldn’t find the CD) this week. Oh, and CHAMP volume 2 (the Korean manga magazine, remember?). Oh well…

Meanwhile, I’m lucky that my Mom also translates books. I can get many books she translated for free… Like all 3 of “Lord of the Rings”, “Sister of My Heart”, “Vines of Desire”, etc., and the latest she gave me was Sidney Sheldon’s “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. She’s just finished “Lovely Bones” and is now translating a Jhumpa Lahiri’s book titled “Interpreter of Maladies”. This is the second book of the same writer, I think, that she translates. The first one being “The Namesake”. I’m glad she no longer translates Harlequin’s romance novels like when she first started doing this job. And I’m glad I NEVER got to do Harlequin’s either. :p I’m still working on “Slim Chance” (a chicklit). Still 2 chapters to go.

I guess I have to start considering to become a member of Limma so instead of buying books, I can borrow them. But my Mom says it’s kinda “expensive” too, come to think about it. Say, for 100k-something you can own a book, but for 45k you can only rent the thing. Hmmm… Makes sense… I miss Sunny Bookstore in Singapore… 😦

Gotta go back to rest now. Happy birthday to Belinda and Mbak Iwul!


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