Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I just got home from Yuli’s place in Cibubur. Boy, that was far! We had to practice singing there because it was the only place available for the lots of us. It’s almost definite that we’re going to perform on February 12 and February 14 at Mal Atrium Senen (yeah, on that hanging stage) and Mal Ambassador, for Valentine’s Day. Wish us luck! I’m going to sing at least 4 songs but still don’t know which one is for when.

This whole singing thing is actually quite refreshing. At least for me, because I so need the distraction (from work) and to express myself in my most comfortable way. But turned out that it also ‘sharpen’ my “gaul” skills. I used to have only few girl friends because, I don’t know, having long chats and telling each other the story of one’s life are just not my style. I mean, OK, I don’t mind people telling me their stories, but I have difficulties in telling my stories to everybody. Not that I can’t, I just don’t feel like it. Being expected to ‘act’ like one of the girls is what sometimes turn me off. That’s why a lot of people think I’m distant and cold when they first met me. Actually, they’re quite right when it comes to the thing mentioned above… But I definitely know how to have fun! And you’ll know it if you push the right button! The difference with these girls is that we don’t know each other well enough to make one feels obliged to be ‘together-forever’. Knowing that we all like to sing is enough, and it’s all that matters to us right now. That’s why I enjoy every minute of the practice. It brings out my own self, and I’m always having pure fun out of it.

Speaking of fun, though… My sister and I did something ‘funny’ today. We were waiting for the others at McDonald’s Cibubur, and there was this lake… We rented a ‘waterbike’ (yeah, sis, I’m choosing this word) and went round the lake, just the two of us. It was blue, and shaped like a whale. Woohey! We had so much fun! And in addition, it counts as a cardio exercise… Heheh…

So much fun today, that I broke my promise and bought LOTS OF DVDs. Uh-oh…


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