My ‘sick’ days are always a blur when meds are involved. Yep, I didn’t sing at all on Saturday. I hope all went well.

I even forgot to mention that starting last Monday, my hubby started to work in an Extreme Sports mag. It’s not yet published, they’re still cooking up No.00. He once asked me if I had friends who could design the mag, and I answered matter-of-factly: Lucky Guy. LOL. My hubby hasn’t called him until now, though he knows LG IS the one he’s looking for and LG IS looking for a job now… Men.

My CPU is back in action after a week being repaired. I had to edit my translation in my hubby’s computer, but it was all right. I finally finished editing it yesterday and immediately sent the files to GPU before I was tempted to look for more grammatical or spelling errors. Sorry, I just can’t help it. It has to be perfect-schmerfect!

I lost most of my appetite during my illness, which is good when you look at it a certain way. I think today is the first time I ate rice again after so many days, but I didn’t even finish it because I felt so full. It was delicious, though… I ordered Bangkok Fish at WRAP (Ratu Plaza food court). Last week I had lunch there too, that time I ordered Mango Chicken and it was as good as this one. Recommended! (Bayu, you should try it!)

Now I’m home alone and awake (no more meds, but the cough hasn’t subsided). I wonder what to do… Watch a DVD? Rent VCDs at Video-Ezy? Go to my parents’? Finish reading a book? Finish last year’s cross-stitch? Frankly, I feel like going out and catch a movie… Probably Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. But seeing a movie alone, for me, is no fun. Anyone knows and can teach me how to knit? I bet this goes on inside my grandma’s mind everyday…


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