Another Weekend

Friday evening, I went to see “The Little Prince” at Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki. It was a puppet theatre from Sweden. Short but sweet. Definitely a new experience. The only annoying part was the overlapping Swedish-English narrations. I went there with my sis, my Mom, and Varin. After the show we had dinner at one of the stalls on HOS Cokroaminoto, Menteng.

Waiting for the curtain to open.

The puppeteers after the show.

Varin and Puni with the Little Prince (and the puppeteers).

My Sis, Mom, and Me.

Pictures from Varin’s Blog

Last Saturday was refreshing. Since Victor didn’t have to teach a class, didn’t have to work overtime, and I didn’t have to go to the writers’ meeting, WE WENT ON A DATE. Hehe…

Went to Cilandak Town Square around noon and had lunch at Pam’s. I chose the place before Victor suggested Nando’s as usual. Hehehe… I’m an Asian-food lover anyways… The Lamien (I think it is equivalent to Ramen) Korea was just as delicious as ever. And it’s cheaper than Beppu Menkan, mind you. :p~ Victor then bought almond+capuccino ice cream at Kafe Pisa. I could only eat a spoonful or two because I still had the cough. *cough-cough* We then went to Aksara which, by the way, is having a SALE (up to 70%). I didn’t buy any books, though. But I finally bought 2 CDs: Renee Olstead and OST. De-Lovely for the 10% discount and another stamp on my Aksara card. Heheh… After that we went to Timezone, one of Victor’s domains. We were there until 3.30, then Victor took me to D’Best Fatmawati (he then went to Pasar Festival).

Yeah, the choir was going to meet at NAV karaoke, again. When I got there, I was the first person to arrive. So I called Ibeth and she was still in Blok M. She told me to go ahead and get in the room, so I did. I must’ve sung at least 8 songs, all alone, before finally my sis came, and then MamaMel, then Ibeth, and the rest of the gang arrived. Phew! Thank God they came before I started to lose my voice! I haven’t fully recovered from this damned cough. So, for the rest of the hours, I chose to be the operator and only sang a few more songs. I promised my sis AND Emil that we would go to karaoke after I get my voice back, so I HAVE to get better soon. Our session finished at 7 pm. It was recharging.

My sis and I then went to D’Best and, whaddayaknow… They’re also having a SALE! OooLord… :p I ended up buying 2 tops and 1 skirt. Heh. I was tempted to buy a knitted scarf that looked so warm if used in cold and rainy days. Mmmhhh… But it was Rp 149,000.- so I thought I’d better wait until they’re having another SALE. Hehehe… I mean, rainy season is almost over, right? 😀 My Mom and Dad joined us at D’Best at the time. I was going to spend the night at my parents’ because the next morning Victor was going to Bandung to cover a skateboarding competition or sumthin’.

Sunday, Mom and I went to Plaza Semanggi, accompanying my sis doing a coverage on a talk-show. My Mom and I had lunch at Platinum, then went killing time while waiting for my sis. Got myself a box of PowerPuffGirls cottonbuds, A Series of Unfortunate Events #2 (which is sold out at Gramedia) and #6, Air Supply’s Greatest Hits Double-CD (my guilty pleasure… heheh… reminds me of Elementary School and my ‘big’ sisters Santi & Dina). Also went to Soho, but I didn’t buy anything there. Later, my parents and I went to see Constantine at Setiabudi 21.

So much for the colorful weekend. Back to the cold and restless workdays now, shall we?


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