Racing with Destiny

Quickie: This is purely a business decision. Leave your emotions out of it.
Overview: They’re still acting like they want you to take over control of the group steering wheel, and you’re still reluctant to agree. Well then, don’t. No one says you have to be in charge of everything at all times.

Let’s see… It’s been what–a week? Two weeks? Well, I did post a quiz result but I don’t think it counts as a real journal entry. πŸ˜€

OK. What happened to me after outbound? Hmm… Oh, my hubby’s uncle and his family dropped by our house and I learned a harder truth about my hubby’s family. Don’t get me wrong–he was probably as surprised as I was. We’ve been talking about it quite much after that, but that’s what I hate about not confronting a problem as soon as possible: it gets complicated! I’m so used to dealing problems right away, and this one–although I can make it NOT my problem–needs a lot of digging. OR, just leave it to Him, as usual…

Two days after that, I was in my sister’s office building. Doing what? A make-over. Yup, your favorite little bear got powdered and colored, and will show her shy self in a magazine. :p Will let you know when it happens. πŸ˜‰

Then what? Hmm… Choir practice as usual (and of course, DVDs… I’m collecting cartoons now, by the way). I tried to download LimeWire at the office so I could download some songs for practice, but in the end I downloaded another software because the LimeWire file kept being corrupted. Well, the most important thing is I eventually made a CD-ful of songs for practice. ^-^V

I also got to see my sis doing her work when I spent the night at my parents’ two weekends ago. I got to follow her to Pasaraya (a laaaarge department store) to borrow some clothes from brands like Chic Simple, Rest N Relax, Kuhle, U2, bla-di-bla. It was actually quite fun, if you don’t consider the fuss in getting the permission (I hear my sis says “Humph! Tell me about it.”). And more fun when you get to mix and match the clothes at home. πŸ˜€ But the real fun is bringing all those shopping bags around the place and getting all the attention from the salespeople because they thought we were stinking rich! Ha!

Anyway, March 24 was my Mom’s birthday. To respect her wish, I won’t say her age, but I found that this year I’m exactly half my Mom’s age. Wow! So at my age, she gave birth to me! Which reminds me with the obvious clock-ticking thing. Shoot. We had lunch at Dijan’s with my Grandma, my 2 aunts and my uncle (beside the Krazee Bunch and my hubby). They serve Dutch food and the food was gooood! I had Erten Soup (I don’t know exactly how to spell it, but it’s green pea to you), Dutch steak, 2 kinds of Pancakes (cheese and fruity), and poffertjes. Triple yums!

After lunch we went to Carrefour Ratu Plaza and bought a 21″ TV! They were having a zero down payment and zero interest for electronics, and since our old TV set seemed to want to have an early retirement, we bought the replacement. It was a Samsung and it comes with DNIeJr (Digital Natural Image engine, Junior) technology (whatever that means… Hohoho!). I can watch DVD without complaining now. πŸ˜‰

And speaking of DVDs, Elmira finally bought “Strictly Ballroom” DVD for me! My searching days are over, guys.

Yesterday I got two tickets to see “Miss Congeniality 2”–which reminds me a lot of Chandra who used to put up Sandra Bullock icons in her “angelfate” days. Hehe…

I also had a new haircut, after 3 months! But since I couldn’t locate my last hairdresser–who was recommended by Fabee, I went back to my old one. No disasters, sorry to disappoint you. πŸ˜‰

OK, that leaves us with today. I took a day off today because in spite of the very long weekend, I didn’t get a chance to do my laundry AT ALL. So, today I did my chore, and was finally able to sit down in front of the computer and upload the outbound pics to here (in Outbound… folder), and most importantly, write an entry.

“Le pant, le phew” ~ Pepe Le Pew


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