We Meant Business!

Last Friday I went to my sister’s boutique (AmeNoMachi)’s first fashion show at Utopia (photos here. I went there as the proud sister. 😉

Well, what do you know… She goes down the same road as I am. Hehehehe… There’s a big difference, though, as regards to our parents’ support.
A. My parents supported, and I should say 101%, my decision to study Graphic Design at ITB (in fact I could only go to ITB, and not Trisakti, IKJ, or other universities). BUT, when I graduated and wanted to open my (well, OUR) own business, they didn’t approve of it wholeheartedly. They kept cutting off vacancies from newspapers for me while I had started employing other people! :p
B. My parents didn’t support, or because they didn’t have the money, my sister’s decision to study Fashion Design. Instead, my sister went to UI to study Communications/Advertising. BUT, when she wanted to open her (well, THEIR) own boutique, they supported her.

But still, when my sis resigned from my office, worked at Cita Cinta, and then resigned again after only 2 months, my Mom said it was a pity since it (her position at Cita Cinta) was her first REAL job. I was like, HEY! She wasn’t in my office doing nothing! And she sure learned a lot from her first job at my office! *humph!* Parents… :p

Nevertheless, I’m proud of my sister–my one and only sister!!! Keep on going!!!


2 thoughts on “We Meant Business!

  1. Persis… Dulu kadang2 gue kepingin punya kakak cowok (kalo cewek pasti sama rese'-nya sama gue, hahahaha!), supaya sekali2 gue bisa melakukan hal2 yang nggak bisa gue lakukan sebagai seorang firstborn. :p

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