Experience is the Best Teacher

Yesterday I witnessed something very ‘funny’ in my own bathroom. We
just got home and I went straight to the bathroom. Upon entering the
room, I saw a couple of bottles were scattered on the floor and the
first thing that occured in my mind was there must have been a
mouse/rat. I started to move forward to pick those bottles when I
noticed something moving in the toilet bowl. Yep! It was a little
mouse… and it reminded me of Despereaux, the little mouse in the book
I just finished reading. Despite all that, well, of course I screamed
in panic! And Victor, clearly didn’t think it was THAT important (),
came in seconds later. By that time, my panicking has subsided a
little, and, though peeking, I saw how that mouse try to swim out of
the bowl, with no success. And once again, Victor thought it was a
“Believe it or Not” moment, so he asked me to grab the digital camera
before attempting to “save” the poor thing. Too bad, the batteries had
run out, so I can’t present you with the proof. When Victor finally
“saved” the mouse, it was so wet and exhausted. We didn’t kill it, though, because we admired its determination to survive!

Today, after I told myself not to do any work last long weekend, I was
ready to translate the book. But when I turned on my computer, NOTHING
HAPPENED! Shoot! Don’t ask me what I’ve done to try to make it work,
because all you need to know is that I can’t translate the book today.
So instead, I’m now doing my ‘favorite’ house chore: laundry, while
going online. 
It’s a good thing that I’m reading “When God Winks”, a book about
understanding signs from God and how to make use of it. This kinda
thing had happened to me before: like when I was preparing presentation
materials, the printer suddenly refused to cooperate. I’m so used to
these strange things that gradually I learn not to freak out whenever
it happens. Most probably it’s a lesson for my ‘perfectionism’.

OK now, time’s up! I gotta go back to my laundry. 


One thought on “Experience is the Best Teacher

  1. ha ha ha…happened to us a couple of months ago when one night while tightly sleeping i suddenly heard dina cried out “bang….ada tikus dibelakang tv”. i reluctantly woke up. for almost an hour, we tried to catch the little mouse. after screamed here and there, we managed to trap it in a bucket and throw it in the dumpster outside. that was the first time a mouse got into the apartment since we live here. we wondered how? in the morning we checked everythind and found a big hole under the basin in the bathroom. another job for me to cover it with lots of ducktape. so far it works although almost every night we're still worried the mouse will come back with friends.

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