Cosmic Truth

Be practical about money. Plot out a budget, and pinch pennies wherever possible.

Oops! You got me! OK, OK, I’m on it!

You woke up in a nostalgic, sentimental mood, which isn’t at all like you. You’re usually nothing if not completely objective, rational and practical. Call a friend. It’s definitely your turn to have a meltdown.

Hmm… Sounds like my entry yesterday…

Daily extended
It’s not ordinarily in your nature to spend time sniffling, pouting or thinking about what might have been. You’re much better at getting things done, whether you’re in the mood for it or not, simply because you said you would. So if you wake up in an unusually emotional frame of mind, give yourself a break. No one — not even you sturdy Capricorns — can be a rock forever. Everyone deserves downtime. Call a friend.

Does calling my sister count? 😀


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