It’s Time!

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You’ve had the urge to travel lately, and whether it’s for reasons of business or pleasure, you’re still not willing to forget about it — so don’t. Make your reservations and, if you can, take a loved one along for the ride. Who knows what might happen when you get there? At the very least, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself like you know you need to. Indulge yourself. If anyone has earned it, it’s you.

Yes, I really need a break. Ideally, after I finish this advertising agency’s annual report. *hint-hint* I also would like to make it a habit to take a week off at mid-year, and another week at the end of the year.

With mid-year coming up, I have several domestic “dream holidays” in mind. Originally, I wanted to go to Manado this year. But later, Semarang seems interesting (the architecture heritage and the food!) and is much cheaper. There’s also Surfer Girl: Big Day Out in Bali in the end of June, but we’ve been to Bali 2 years ago and June is peak season.

So I think it’s gonna be Semarang after all… 😀 We’ll see…

P.S. My new passport is almost done. Next destination: Bangkok? :p :p :p


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