You appear to others around you as a person who is simply ‘laid back’. From
time to time you shelve your ambitions and forgo the desire for prestige and
recognition and you are often considered as mentally lazy. You have the ability
and you are the first to know this, but you prefer to take things easy and
indulge your longing for comfort and security.

Moi? Laid back? Yeah, whatever…

You are looking for something different. Your imagination has been working
overtime and you are seeking adventure – and you’d like to share that adventure,
the new experience, with someone like yourself: Imaginative, Enthusiastic and

Yes, yes, yes!

The present situation, not of your making, is forcing you to compromise. You
will have to hold back and forgo some of your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

You refuse to relax or to give in and you are endeavoring to keep exhaustion
and depression at bay by keeping active. You are experiencing a relationship or
a situation which is not satisfactory but you feel powerless to change it. You
have that ‘need to be needed’ but you do little to achieve the sense of
belonging that you need. You try to disguise your feelings of insecurity and so
you continue to resist this state of affairs – and as a consequence you are
experiencing tension and stress. Your depression makes you irritable and
impatient. You have that urge to get away from the situation, either actually or
mentally. You are finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate.

So true… Hweeeeelp!!!!

Anxiety and a restless antagonism, as a result of unfulfilled emotional
needs, have resulted in considerable stress. You are trying to overcome this by
working and playing extremely hard – but at all times you have your future in
mind. You are a worker and as a result of your inherent enthusiasm you cannot

Thank God that bloody annual report is DONE! Now, play haaaaaard!!!!

From here.


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