"Up, Down, Up and Down," says Pooh

Hey guys, I’m back! It’s been a while since I wrote anything
worth to read in this journal. Not that this one is… Hehehe… 😀 A lot of things happened, actually. Nothing life-changing,
but enough to spark up my boring life lately.

Two Saturdays ago, I was appointed Lead 1
for C-Choir. Meaning: I’m responsible for the [musical] quality of the choir.
Tough job, I must admit, partly because we just recruited new members. But I’m
glad that I have such a wonderful team to back me up. The first and the nearest-in-the-future
task is our performance at Fight Hunger: Walk the World held on June 12, 2005 at Kebun Binatang
Ragunan. We only have 2 weeks to prepare the whole thing! OMG! *start

Last Tuesday I finally got my hair
colored at L’oreal Academy after coming there for the third time (and after I
bit their heads off). Usually I colored my hair using the color-at-home
products and the results were never bad. So, apart from the reason that getting
your hair colored at a hairstylist’s using L’oreal professional products can
cost you a fortune, I’d like to know the know-how from the professionals. I
came there with “red” in mind, but it all changed when I actually sat down in
front of the mirror. The two ladies who were to color my hair said that because
I have fair complexion I can choose almost any color. Seeing doubts in my eyes,
they started to insist that I choose ORANGE.
OK, I like orange. A LOT. Even my corporate color is
orange. BUT, when I tried to envision myself with orange hair, I’d have to cringe.
I’d certainly look like carrot top! Euuh! Thank God the trainer (the one whose
head I bit the other day for cancelling my appointment twice) came and she
suggested another color instead. And I agreed. So, ladies and gentlemen, my
hair color is officially: Dark Matte Intense Blonde, OR dark blonde with
GREENish reflections. Come to think of it, it’s the exact opposite of what I
had in mind. But my hair looks fine. It looks greenish under sunlight (or very
bright lighting), but looks ‘normal’ enough not to scare my clients away. 😀
The downside of it, I have to use special shampoo for colored hair, which
leaves me with harder-to-rule hair (I have fine hair, almost like those of
babies’). It means extra time every morning, and hair-drying is a must. For
short hair, it’s very high-maintenance!

Friday: Finally Finale! It’s a wrap for
the annual report, Thank God! And it was Mario’s [32nd] birthday.
After years with no celebration, FINALLY he bought lunch for the whole office.
Yaaay! *blows trumpet* Funnily, after I finished one annual report, in came
another one. Pak Sjarif needed my and my Mom’s help to edit the Indonesian
copywriting for Indofood’s annual report. Another round of ‘forced labour’. @_@
But I just got great news that the payment is on its way! Woohoo! One step
closer to vacation!

But on top of it all, I fell sick on Saturday.
I began to feel cold on Friday, but I thought it was the AC. I woke up with
runny nose on Saturday. X-( But I managed to get my computer at Ratu Plaza,
then went to visit my Grandma (who’s having a very bad backpain at the moment)
with my parents, sister, and hubby, and she gave me her old wedding pics and
Grandpa’s certificates. I tried to shoo away my premonition with logical
explanations and wished her well before we left. After that, we had supper at
Cikajang (not kangbayu’s hometown) and went 
to EX. My dad drove us home at 2 am.
That’s what probably made my cold worse the next morning.

So yesterday I decided to get a massage
at Relax Living. I chose aromatherapy massage so I could be relaxed and get
some sleep. My nose was literally dripping the whole time. Hihihi… But the
aromatherapy and the hot shower really did me good. When I got back home, I
slept 3 hours straight!

Today my body’s aching and I still have
runny nose. I didn’t go to the office and I couldn’t do my laundry because my
lower back and shoulders hurt! Maybe I shouldn’t have done the massage.


8 thoughts on “"Up, Down, Up and Down," says Pooh

  1. Vacation doesn't need to be expensive. A long weekend with plenty of DVDs and books with both cellphones off is also a vacation. 😉

    Been planning to visit Semarang (Oca's hometown), but we'll see… I'm also going to Bandung on June 18-19 for a reunion and a friend's wedding.

  2. Ah kayaknya rambut Mamih cukup sehat untuk dicat deh. Cobain aja pake home kit yang dijual di supermarket. My favorite is Natea from Garnier. 😉

    Kenapa nggak sempet Mih? Baca Kompas deh beberapa hari yang lalu. Katanya ibu rumah tangga juga perlu cuti lho… Hehehe…

  3. Huahahahaha………… Bener juga katamu, ibu rumah tangga emang perlu cuti tapi kalau gue sebenernya bukan perlu cuti tapi perlu ditemani aja (mode MANJA: On). Kagak enak kalau ngak bareng temen ceweq. Ngak ada yg bisa dimintain pendapat dan kadang2 bisa dapat tambahan info ttg hal2 kecil. Misalnya tempat beli tas bagus dimana atau tempat bikin baju yang murah meriah bagus dimana, gitu loh……………

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