Memory Lane

Last weekend I went to Bandung for a reunion and my close friend’s wedding. But for me it was more than just a visit…

Bandung is a city full of memory for me. My Mom was born there and naturally my grandparents resided in that city. I never got to know my Grandpa since he passed away when my Mom was still in uni. But my Grandma had been living in Bandung for as long as I, as a child, remembered.

The last house my Grandma lived in was on Jl. Progo. It’s one of areas used for ITB lecturers’ housing. The house was too big for one, so she turned the back area of the house into some kind of a boarding house (kost-kostan, in Indonesian) for female students. Still, the ‘front’ house had 4 bedrooms, so we could stay there whenever we visited Bandung.

I remembered that we almost always brought along our compo since my Grandma didn’t (and still doesn’t) listen to music. My Dad would always tune the radio to KLCBS (they only played jazz tunes) and I would always object and change the station to Oz (hey, I was a teenager back then!). 😀 Fortunately, my Grandma owned a VCR, so my sister and I could bring our favorite video (most probably Care Bears) and watched it there. Our stay in Bandung was usually 5-7 days, yet my Grandma always said that the stuff we brought was like “orang pindahan” (moving out, in English). One weird thing I remember is I always insisted going to Aquarius on Jl. Dago and bought 1 or 2 music cassettes there, even when I knew that the place was also available in Jakarta. I guess Bandung lifts my shopping mood.

Bandung is also where I went to uni: Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). My parents went to the same uni (and the same faculty), so literally they’re also my ‘sempai’ (seniors, in English; kakak kelas, in Indonesian). 😀 My early days in Bandung, I stayed at my Grandma’s boarding house. It’s my first taste of independence, though my Grandma checked on me every hour or so. :p Grandma introduced me to my first friend from uni, Lusti, who lived around the block (Jl. Cimanuk). Her Dad and my Grandpa were colleagues. So every single day of that bloody P-4 training (no need to translate P-4 ’cause it really doesn’t matter), I would walk up to her house and went to campus together.

After the training was over, I moved out to my first real boarding house on Jl. Purnawarman. I was there the whole 4 years of my uni days because I got the most convenient room of all. It was situated at the corner of the second floor, so I got the extra space in front of my room to do my assignments. My bf at the moment, (Putra, for those not familiar with my life) practically “lived” there because his place was high up on the hill (Cigadung) and [we used to joke that] it’s far from civilization. He picked me up almost every morning, and after school he would go to my place and stayed until dinner, and went home around 9. Five and a half years in that pattern, no wonder we bored each other before the wedding bells could even ring. Hahahaha… JK, Put! 😉 I’m leaving this part for you to fill in cuz you know I suffered from certain-part memory loss.

Aaanyway, I was my grandparents’ only grandchild that went to ITB (not that I’m smarter than the others, but because the others chose to go to universities abroad :D), following the steps of my Grandpa, my Mom, and my Uncle (Mom’s older brother). So when I graduated in 1998, to honour my Grandpa’s [family] name, I got my pic taken in front of Laboratorium Adhiwiyogo with my family, wearing my toga and stuff. 🙂 For me it’s priceless, compared to those pics they make at Jonas Studio (it’s the name of a famous photography studio chain in Bandung). I graduated along with my 2 beloved ‘sisters’, Anne and Rani. We went through a lot, didn’t we? ~_^

2 years after graduation, I was back in Bandung one early morning, unplanned, slightly broke, and in love (hi, Ness!). One hell of an emotional journey for me, and thank God Gita came along with me (though she went back 1 or 2 days before I did). The least I could remember from this journey is: Toko You, nasi goreng tutung (did I spell this correctly?), and most of all: Truth or Dare at Kafe Halaman, from which I got 2 new ‘brothers’, Bayu and Ivan.

When I think about Bandung, I also think about my dark ages (mid-2000). I lost something very important and unreplacable in this city, along with my will to live. There were times I just hid myself in the darkness of my room, listening to the silence, drowning in alcohol, and hurting myself. And there were times I pushed myself to face the day and got dehumanized, again. I went to NetSchool by the day, and worked at Trolley Magazine by night, but I was never really living.

BUT, Bandung is practically the city where, at last, I feel loved (though the one loving me was in Jakarta, hehehe) for who I was. 🙂

…that much was going inside my head everytime I think of Bandung and my visit to Bandung last weekend created more memories for me to keep.


16 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. used to live upthere too. thats why i bumped into you guys a couple of times in the pink angkot.

    yes, bandung is a memorable town (i dont call it a city) for me. after leaving it for almost 7 years, (I left it when you graduated) i still have desire to come back and live there with my family.

  2. Wah…rada rada mirip mirip nih, La.
    My life is complete now because all I had in Bandung.
    Happiness, Love, Hate, Broken hearted, going crazy, being evil…hehehe .
    We are….very lucky…
    Hiks…jadi tambah sedih gak bisa ke Bandung kemarin .

  3. tapi kamu pelan-pelan berhasil mengingatnya…sedikit demi sedikit…mengagumkan…tiga/empat tahun yang lalu kamu blank beneran…whooooooooooaaaah…seru yah kemaren bareng2 ke bandung…

    btw ceritamu kayak “melrose place” yah hahahaha

  4. Padahal maksud pertamanya sih mau nulis ttg jalan2 ke Bandung kemaren. Tapi karena Putra dan Anne udah heboh dengan foto2nya, yaaah gue memilih cara bercerita yang lain… 😉

    And yes, I've just added our brother. Thanks!

  5. Hehehe… Pink angkot… Yang nunggunya seabad itu… 😉

    Yup, Bandung was a town for me, but when I went there last weekend surprisingly it looked more like a [small] city. Mungkin gara2 di mana2 ada McD's, CircleK, dll. Udah mirip Jakarta banget. Trus jalan tol 'gantung' di atas Balubur itu. San Francisco sekaliii… :p Dan macetnya… Huh! Mirip macet di Casablanca sore hari (bedanya lebih banyak angkot aja dari di Jakarta).

  6. Hehehe… Typical Bandung Love Story…

    Aku lupa memasukkanmu, Windu, dan Dewo ke dalam cerita di atas. Padahal kalian tiang2 penyanggaku di Bandung in my dark ages. How LUCKY (bukan dalam bahasa Indonesia, hiehiehie…) I was having you guys by my side… I miss you all so much!!!!

  7. Ah kamu, suka begitu deh… Maksudnya mau ngelupain si dehumanizer itu, tapi pas nge-delete-nya salah tempat… Luckily, gue belom “empty trash”.

    Melrose Place? Ohohohoho… Bukannya ini pembahasan dari taun kuda? *gue jadi geli inget waktu kalian berdua ngurusin motornya Victor pas kecelakaan hahahahaha (Ness, dapet salam dari Mbak Sri! hihihihi)* Lagian aren't you proud to be one of the actors? Kekekekekekekekekeke….

  8. He he he ….iya yaaa? …(dgn mata ke atas kiri mengingat ingat…hehehe)

    Iya euy,…kangen nih….jalan yuuuuuk…jalan….
    Ato kumpul kumpul…sini atuh dimasakin,…(taelah…ngaku ngaku bisa masak…hehehe)

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