Casual Update

Just want to let you know that I’ve uploaded the pics we took on our trips to Bandung (June 2005) and Semarang & Jogja (July 2005) to here, in folders Bandung June 2005, Semarang July 2005, and Jogja July 2005. I didn’t add captions & comments here, sorry. The “preview” versions are up here for Bandung, and here for Semarang. I couldn’t upload Jogja because I have no quota left this month. The pics I put on Multiply have captions and comments. Enjoy…

Meanwhile, I’ve finished reading Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince 3 nights ago and I waited impatiently for my sister to finish because I couldn’t wait to discuss THAT part of the book with her. I can only say to the writer, “How could you?” (this is not considered spoiler, is it?)

Been busy at work too. Mbak Iwul will start her maternity leave next week, and loads of work have started going my way. It’s Sunday and I’m at the office. It’s been like this since yesterday. *sigh* After 3 months, I’d probably need another vacation. Hehehe…


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