Day One Passed

As you could see in my last entry, today’s my first day of being a
single fighter (read: the only Design Consultant) at the office.
Today’s [most prioritized] assignment was to design a desk- and
wall-calendar for a financial institution, which is due on Thursday. I
spent my day trying to squeeze creative juices out from my head because
they don’t have any interesting materials on which I can base my design
development. I dedicated the entire afternoon for this project and all
I could come up with was 2 pages. But it’s taken shape, so hopefully I
can move on fast tomorrow.

In between my complaints and swearing, I came across Lucky Guy on Y!M
(thanks to “B” for taking a leave so he could take over the computer).
I said Hi and the chit-chat continued (mostly nothings) almost as long
as it took me to come up with those 2 pages. But somehow I’m thankful
because after that I stopped complaining and swearing. I even smiled
and laughed once in a while. And most importantly, it helped me to
realize that he’s human after all. I mean, when you break up with
someone and don’t communicate with him/her for too long, you’ll only
remember how s/he’d been and what s/he’d done to you, while actually
s/he has become an evolved and improved person over the years. For me,
this realization always helps me heal (and maybe one of the reasons why
I keep close to my X-files).

Anyway, work went past all right. At 6 pm I left the office, caught a
cab, picked up my friend Oca at a close-by building, and went off to
choir practice. It was Giovanni’s turn to coach us, so I didn’t get to
prepare much. But it was tiring, nevertheless. Probably because I
already exhausted my mind at the office. But I got my reward. I won a
little stuffed pig because I had a Rp 25,- with me. This is what I like about hard work. It always pays off.

The bummer of this day was when I’ve started doing my laundry, the
water turned brownish because it’s been raining quite hard today.
Darnit. I had to finish off tomorrow, first thing in the morning. It’s
one of the disadvantages in using a jetpump in this area. *sigh*

Oh, and those pictures at the right… I just felt like uploading them
within this entry to remind myself “later” of how I look when I’m 29.

  • Top–RIGHT EAR; first piercing I got when I was a
    baby, 2nd in Galeria Bandung Indah Plaza, 3rd at Cilandak Town Square
    last Saturday.
  • Middle–HAIR; base color (L’oreal Majirel’s Dark
    Matte Intense Blonde/greenish blonde) done 2 months ago, 1st highlight
    (MajiRouge/red) and 2nd highlight (MajiLift/blonde) done 1 month ago.
    All at L’oreal Academy.
  • Left–LEFT EAR; first piercing when I was a baby,
    2nd (overlapping an old infected piercing from a jewelry shop at BIP)
    at Cilandak Town Square last Saturday. Considering to get the 3rd, but
    then I have to add another one because I hate symmetrical piercings.

Still no tattoos.

SO! That’s it for today… Off to bed, now…


2 thoughts on “Day One Passed

  1. What I meant was because I live in this “slumpy-ish” area (I can't even call the house I live in “a real house”), I doubt that the jetpump (which more often than not adds more value to Indonesian rented houses) and the piping work the way they're supposed to do. I don't think the well is deep enough to produce clean water everyday, especially not on rainy days.

    Laundry machines? You mean like a laundromat? Hehehe… Aren't we still living in Jakarta? šŸ˜€ I've got three choices, though:
    1. My own washing machine ~ I just need time to do it.
    2. My neighbour's hand-washing ~ I just don't trust her. :))
    3. Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services ~ Usually for items that need extra care.

    Even if I'm a permanent resident, but without maids or my own washing machine, I'd probably go with those laundromats. šŸ˜€

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