And Day Two Shall Pass

Doing laundry in the morning is not my idea to start a day. My thoughts flew to the work I left off yesterday. After informing Niar that I would be late, I resumed doing my last-night laundry.

When I was about to leave for office, my cell beeped and on the screen it said “Hehehehehehe”. Glancing at the sender, my intuition said that a certain male *hint-hint* had FINALLY proclaimed his undying love to a specific female *hint-hint*. I replied, voicing my intuition, and he replied, again, with “Hehehehehehe”. I called (because I was afraid it could take a whole day just to figure out what “Hehehehehehe” meant). And yup! The breaking news is they’re lovers now. *whistles* Congrats, bro! 5 frickin’ years, man!

Enough about other people, I went to work. I don’t know whether I should consider this good or bad news, but I no longer have to do the logos for Monday because the client’s jaw dropped when they saw our price. :p That means I don’t have to stay late tonight (I finished printing the calendar) and I definitely will have time to do my translation this Friday. 😉 Hallelujah! I can watch some DVDs tonight, and have a good night’s sleep. Luxury…


4 thoughts on “And Day Two Shall Pass

  1. Dia mesti jauh2 dari kita kali kalo mau nembak… Hihihi…

    Hmm… murah meriah sih entah ya, tapi yang dahsyat dan compatible sama Mac & PC = hp. Di kantorku pake 9300 untuk yang color, yang laser (black) 1300. Tapi cartridge-nya gak pisah2… Dulu kita pake Epson, tapi kompatibilitasnya kurang…

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