Three, Four, Lock Up the Doors


I bid farewell to the little angel lying inside the coffin.

Prayers turned into thousands of little birds to keep him company.

A requiem walked him to Heaven’s door.

And submissions are worth God’s embracing arms.

It’s not a poem, just few words I can use to describe what I
felt when I went to Satria Javas’s funeral, the first and only son of
my high school friend Sonny. Though we’d apt to say that he was only
four months old, I’d like to think that God had given him the exact
length of time for him to do whatever he had to do in this world. God
bless his soul.

And so passed my Day Three.


I woke up feeling very weary. Thank God It’s Friday. But work has to be
done, nevertheless, though it’s not the usual stuff I do at the office.
I managed to translate two and a half chapters. Not bad. But I feel
nauseated the whole day and I have this lingering headache. Haven’t
been down this lane for quite a long time. I hope I’m not getting ill.
Had a sisterly chat with Belinda this evening, something we’ve never done before. I guess there’s always a first time for everything…

Hubby‘s home now, and our weekend officially begins. Thank you Lord, for such blessings.


4 thoughts on “Three, Four, Lock Up the Doors

  1. Yup. Adik gue mual2, pegel2 sekitar pinggang dan pake acara lemes, pokoknya gejalanya seperti mau flu, eh….. tahunya malah hamil. Mudah2an elo juga begitu. Gue yakin anak2 elo dan Victor pasti cakep2.

    Kadang2 malah ada yg jadi sakit batuk2 (salah satu sepupu gue), dikiranya sakit batuk beneran ngak tahunya malah hamil. Untung anaknya lahir sehat, bayangin aja waktu batuk2 itu sepupu gue ngak sadar kalau lagi hamil sampai pada bulan ke 3 ngak mens (biasa mensnya emang suka telat) baru ditest pack, sedangkan selama 3 bulan itu dia terus minum Decolsin, Komix dan berbagai macam obat batuk lainnya. Ngeri yah?

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