Circle of Friends

It’s been 2 weeks now and I’ve been so busy I didn’t have time to write daily. My stamina started to drop, especially after choir practice on Tuesday. I think they gave me ‘real’ coffee instead of the usual decaf I ordered for my Almond Latte. My stomach growled, my head was pounding, and my heartbeat went faster. I couldn’t sleep until 3 in the morning. >.<

At work, mostly I prepared materials for today’s pitching. Sort of lost my appetite, so I asked Adi to make me a sunny-side-up for lunch today. I should’ve gone home, but I decided to delay for about an hour so I could have quality time for myself. e.g. write this journal. 😀

Last night I watched “The Sea Inside” on DVD. It’s a Spanish movie about a quadriplegic who fights his right (and freedom) to end his own life. It was a beautiful story and beautifully made. But when I got to chapter 16 (that’s the very last chapter of the DVD), it went back to the root menu. Daaaaamn! In times like this I feel like cursing those pirated DVDs… But what can I do? They’re all I can afford. >.<

But I had a couple of good laughs to cheer up my week, thanks to my hubby, Poet, and Ness, with whom I met up at PI Mall after work. It’s good to have them around. (Let’s just hope their girlfriends don’t mind… Hehehe) 😉

Photos at the right were taken on various occasions:
Top: Putra & Lala ~ Bandung, circa 1998
Middle: Ness & Lala ~ Bandung, circa 2000
Bottom: Victor & Lala ~ Jakarta, circa 2002

Which reminds me, that I had such great times both at Sushi Tengoku (see pics at Kang Bayu’s, here) and at Mami Ria’s potluck party (pics also at Kang Bayu’s, here).

Ah, don’t you just love your friends? They give you instant boost when you’re feeling low and don’t give you stomach ache like coffee does. 🙂 🙂 🙂


7 thoughts on “Circle of Friends

  1. Yeah! You guys are Teh Tarik… Hihihihi… Perfect for rainy days…

    Iya nih, Tea Addict apa kabar ya? Aku liat iklan di JakTV ada kafe teh juga namanya Taste Tea di Kelapa Gading. Boleh tuh dicoba…

  2. Kelapa Gading lagi… tapi kemajuan nih, cafe berani pasang iklan di TV. Cuman koq waktu aku liat iklannya, koq nggak nemu alamat mereka ya? Makanya diakhir iklan aku cuma komentar keras2… DODOLL !!!!

  3. Kan TV lokal… Mungkin memang lebih murah rate-nya.

    Anyway, alamatnya running text deh seinget aku… Kayaknya something with “Sport”… Aku jarang2 ke Kelapa Gading sih jadi gak tau nama2 tempat di sana…

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