Good news! Mbak Iwul gave birth to a baby girl yesterday at Puri Cinere hospital. She becomes the first baby girl in our office! Hehehe… Congrats!

As you may already knew, I finished HP6 weeks ago. But my sister gave me this link (hover around my entries and you might find hidden links because I set them to look like normal text), and it awoke my curiosity. Strangely enough, Anne also put up a link to broaden the discussion. If you haven’t read or finished HP6, DON’T click the links.

Last night I started reading Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco. I know I should’ve read The Name of the Rose first, but many reviews said FP is much easier to understand for beginners like me. 😀 Yeah, right… 2 chapters and it was enough to make me really want to peek at the dictionary to see if such words really exist!


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