Had I Not Chosen This Path…

Once or twice you must be wondering what you could’ve been doing if
you’d chosen a different path in life. Here are the list of some of the
things I can think of on the subject…

Had I not chosen this path, I could’ve been:

  • An otaku ~ Don’t laugh. I used to be so shy that I can’t talk face to face with someone. With internet and all, it could happen!
  • A ballerina ~ This is
    among other things I listed as what I wanted to be when I grew up. I
    learned ballet since I was about 7, up until the last year of Junior
    High, and then on to jazz ballet until I was ready to leave High
    School. Unfortunately, when I moved to Bandung, I had to stop doing it,
    and I gained a lot of weight ever since.
  • An astronaut ~ I don’t
    even remember when or why I wanted to become one. It’s just that I love
    the galaxy and the stars and the planets and the vast unknown… But I
    guess I’ve never been serious because I forgot all about it!
  • A professional singer ~ I
    used to take vocal lessons when I was a kid, but well yeah, being a kid
    and all, I stopped doing it after a few months. I was also in the
    school choir. I still sing (at family gatherings, with C-Choir), but I
    don’t pursue it as a career. More like a hobby and a soul soothing
  • An art teacher ~ My Dad
    and both my Grandfathers were teachers. But one bad experience of being
    one made me step back. Maybe later when education system is much better
    than this. And I prefer teaching little kids than spoiled young adults!
  • A copywriter ~ I always love languages, though I only had the chance to learn English and Japanese–too few to be considered like Soekarno.
    If I went to UI (English Literature or English diploma) instead of ITB
    (Graphic Design), most probably I’d ended up being a copywriter in an
    advertising agency. Hmm… Is it too late for a career change?
  • An English teacher ~ I
    was in training to become one when I had to make up my mind: finish the
    training or quit and join the packaging workshop. Turned out to be the
    most important decision of my life. I met 2 of my company’s co-founders
    at the workshop and our company has existed for nearly 6 years now.
  • A [serious] scriptwriter
    ~ As some of you know, I used to write scripts for one of the leading
    sitcoms in Indonesia. But over time, I felt like I had no life, and it
    was not as rewarding (as in spiritually satisfying) as before. So I
    asked for a time off. I still haven’t picked up the pen(or you’d rather say: open FinalDraft on my computer) until now.
  • Without religion ~ I did
    believe in God, but I didn’t choose any religions to believe in. Now I
    still believe in God, but now I’ve chosen one religion to guide my
    paths in life.
  • A single white female ~ No explanations needed.

I can go on with the list, but you get the idea… And all this was
inspired by a horoscope (for Capricorn, of course) that in order to be
successful in the future, you might want to dig your own history. I
realize that as a human, I’m blessed with so many talents. Have I used
them to the max? Have I used them to help others? Are there still a few
undiscovered? I also have strengths I can highlight and weaknesses that
I should turn around. Thinking about the past does not always mean
regretting what happened and being nostalgic of the good times. In that
spirit, and for my future’s sake, I’d say it’s worth digging.


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