I know, I know… This talk about pregnancy is boring. But I need to note this down somewhere. Don’t worry, I’m not the kind of person who likes to talk about my own pregnancy ALL THE TIME. I’m going to limit myself to a once-a-week entry.

According to the pregnancy ticker, I’m now in my 7th week. I gained 1 kilo since the last time I went to the obgyn. Eek! In normal days, I would cringe, but now I guess it’s kinda expected. The only thing that seems to be annoying me is: my breasts hurt! Ugh! Sports Bra help, tho…

Thankfully, I don’t have morning sickness. I do get mild nausea during the day, and when the big wave hits it’s usually when I already lie in bed at night, trying to sleep. Maybe because I’m a nocturnal creature, like my friend says… :p Apart from that, I DO get dizzy once in a while but it doesn’t get in my way so far.

Fatigue… Hmmm… This one is neverending. I seem to yawn all the time and every opportunity to lie down and sleep is heavenly.

I bought a small box of Prenagen and after the first time drinking it I decided that I didn’t like it. The aftertaste tastes like some kind of metal. Probably the iron, but bleccchhh… Also, my stomach is a bit intolerant to skim milk (gastric problem, ladies and gentlemen) and lactose in general. I might try other brands, but I have to live with the rest of the box for the time being.

By the way, I just found out the secret of the pregnancy pants… I mean, how flexible they are and everything. Hahaha… I thought pregnant ladies have to buy pants every month! I bought one so my sister can make me loads of them. >:)

The next appointment with my obgyn should be next week, the 8th week. Remind me to drink a lot of water beforehand so I can see the little creature dwelling inside my tummy. 🙂


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