I did the pregnancy test again this morning, and it turned out negative. It hurt, but just a little. I have let my baby go. I’m sure s/he will come again when the time is right. Amen.


Yesterday was the first time I got out of the house. Victor and I went to see “Corpse Bride” at Wijaya 21 (old skool, eh?). Afterwards we walked over to Dharmawangsa Citywalk, browsing. Meaning to go to Subtitles, but decided not to go inside. After that we went to Blok M Plaza where I bought a special-price VCD at TGA Books and lots of cute stuff at Valu$ (hidden treasure!), where Victor clawed me a purple giraffe stuffed animal (heehee) at Game Cafe, and had dinner at Pizza Hut. It was a liberating day for me.


Today my sister and I sorted out lots of shoes and clothings that we’re going to sell at affordable prices in Cilincing next week. It was raining hard when we met up with our C-Choir friends at Putt-Putt Senayan. We then went to Plaza Senayan afterwards where I had to buy a pair of pink shoes (not that I mind) because the shoes I borrowed from my Mom got worn off. I also bought a Barbapapa 2006 diary for Victor (because I remember this is his favorite cartoon character and he used to watch it over and over when he was a kid…). I hope he likes it.


Planning to go back to work next week. Hope the next two weeks go by quickly before Idul Fitri holiday begins.


3 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Mungkin nih.. mungkiiin..
    Mungkin Tuhan masih ingin ngeliat kalian lebih berkasih dan bercinta..
    Sehingga sang buah hati juga akan merengek2 ke Tuhan, cemburu untuk ikut menikmati kasih dan cinta kalian berdua.. Amiiin..

    Hayooo!! Bercinta sepuas2nyaaaa!!!
    Kita2, temen2 mah ga masalah dicuekin selama kalian bercinta..
    Ga akan ganggu lah.. hehehe..
    ASAL: Share2 ilmu sama kita2 yg belum kawin yah.. ;))

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