One Desperate House Wife

The thing is, we have to move out of our house by early January next
year. And the truth is, we have nothing on our list and still not
enough money for rent. Around June, my colleague offered me to move to
the house she was renting. She said she was going to move back in to
her parents’ since they have a little baby to take care of. I was
delighted. The house is located in Cirendeu and it’s in a lot better
condition than our current house. And the rent is only a couple
millions more expensive than ours. It was some dream come true. But
yeah, such thing is sometimes too good to be true. 2 weeks ago I was
asking said friend about the down payment when the truth revealed. She
had decided to rent the house again and forgot to tell me. OK. I know,
it’s a big “D’UH!” But well, I know my friend very well and I know she
didn’t mean to trouble me. Yet, I’m troubled now because I was hanging
on to her words and now I have nothing to hang on to. There’s this
house up the street where I live and it’s for rent. But aside from the
lack of time I have to actually visit the house and ask around, there’s
another problem.

You see, these past months I spent a lot of money for my health
problems; from those damn flu to typhus and from pregnancy to
miscarriage. I have spent my entire health allowance from my office and
since I didn’t get hospitalized, my insurance doesn’t cover them. It
all happened when the magazine my hubby worked for was shut down,
resulting him to look for another job. They gave him 2-month
compensation, but still, because they paid it a month later and my
hubby didn’t get another job until very recently, we had to use half
the money for monthly expenses. Our saving for the new rent is far from
adequate, and it freaks me out. I’m planning to finish my translation
very soon so I can get some extra to cover the need. I may have to use
my Christmas bonus (if any, I hope so), too. Sorry, kids, no Santa
Claus this year…

Oh, I hate money. But being a housewife means I have to deal with it
every single day. What bills to pay, which bills to pay first and
foremost, the savings balance, the most economic toilet tissue to get,
etc., etc. The most ironic thing is when I need a getaway from all
this, I still need money.


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