What’s Small, Orange, and Makes A Sound?

Quickie: It’s not tedious to plan for the future, it’s exciting. Think of the possibilities!

Overview: If you’ve decided to go shopping with one particular object in mind, fine. Go get it. If you’re simply in the mood to wreak havoc on your plastic, however, hire a chaperone. It might be cheaper in the long run.

Daily extended (by Astrology.com)
Money and the future are mingling in the stars, and perhaps they should be in your mind as well. When’s the last time you gave some thought to planning your longer-term finances? And when’s the last time you paid more than the minimum on your credit card bill — or even made a deposit into your savings or retirement account? Put your practical side to work on getting a financial life. A book, a banker or a friend can help.

What are they, psychic? @_@
I spent the entire day yesterday thinking about a birthday present for my hubby. I consulted Bayu via YM, Gita accompanied me to browse the stuff, and Putra was there when I made the choice. 😀 The winner is: Creative Nano Plus MP3 Player in orange. Hehehe… I gave the present at midnight last night and he likes it! Yaaaay! Now I only need to worry about the payment. Hehehehe…


4 thoughts on “What’s Small, Orange, and Makes A Sound?

  1. Supaya aku bisa minjem… Hihihi… Homer Simpson banget sih…

    Gak deng… Cuma dari 10 warna yang ada, kalo putih nanti dikira sok2 ipod shuffle tapi bukan. Kalo item standard banget. Biru tua apalagi, tipikal warna aman banget buat cowok. Ungu gak mungkin, pink hmm… nanti dibuang lagih… Biru muda sok imut. Merahnya kampungan. Abu2 nanggung. Tadinya mau kuning, tapi kuningnya kayak stabilo. So, orange it is… 😉

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