Cases: Solved

Happy New Year everyone! πŸ™‚ Made any resolutions? Broken one of your own resolutions yet? πŸ˜€

I’m glad 2005 ended superbly. We (C-Choir) sang at Sari Pan Pacific’s lobby party on New Year’s Eve and, despite the lousy sound system, it was a blast! I almost lost my voice by the end of the last song due to intensive (and excessive) practice hours before the performance. But we made it anyway. The cheering crowd made us happy, but knowing that we did it for a good cause made us even happier. One case solved.

After that some of us went to Cosmo Blast at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading. Free tickets! πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately my hubby and I picked the wrong route, so we were stuck for almost 30 minutes near Patung Pak Tani; fumes everywhere and the cheerful sound of the trumpets filled the night air. We got to La Piazza just minutes before the countdown and we watched the 2-minute fireworks from outside the arena. It was nice, though the loud cracking sounds sometimes made me want to duck for cover.

We didn’t stay long at the party. My feet were aching from the previous dance moves. So at about 1 am we went home. Now imagine the distance from Kelapa Gading (North Jakarta) to Pondok Pinang (South Jakarta). By the time we got to Gatot Subroto, I couldn’t stand sitting on the motorcycle anymore. So we took a detour to Mampang, to my parents’ home-sweet-home. Thank God my Mom was still awake by the time we got there (nearly 2 in the morning) because my sister was still out at her boyfriend’s. Getting off my shoes never felt that wonderful… We ended up staying the night there, and the next day I kept dozing off that we finally did get home at 11 pm, January 1, 2006.

Because of that long day, I developed a cold and a tickly cough. Great. Just when I planned to pack my stuff and get ready to move out… But we managed to put some of our books into 3 carton boxes (more books to pack!) and I’ve started to clear out the space at my side of the bed (which was full of bags-papers-bills-books-magazines-incense sticks-whatever you can imagine)–still a long way to finish the whole deal–and fill an entire bag with my handbags. I only left ONE big-enough handbag to survive this week. Next would be shoes. My God! This is even more exhausting than the performance!

Case #2 was solved 2 days ago. Remember the house in Cirendeu? Well, after all the fuss, we decided not to move there after all. The price they offered was still too high, PLUS we didn’t even have the money. Soooo, we’re moving [back] to my parents’. So much for independence, huh? It’s a good thing they built an extension to the old house so we can stay there for a while (let’s see how long a “while” really is…) and have our own privacy (let’s see how private our own privacy is…). We actually have to get out of the house by January 11, but the owner agreed to give us more time, so we’re going to move out–for good, snick-snick, remind me to take pics–on January 14. Goodbye zip code 12310 and all the convenience within! 😦

But I’m glad these things were finally solved. I noticed that I lost 1 kg and I didn’t get my period for 13 days. Most probably because of the stress I pretended not having. πŸ˜€ Now that the hardest part is over, let’s hope everything goes well in the next few days…


12 thoughts on “Cases: Solved

  1. Well yeah, returning “home” sometimes is the wisest thing to do. I'm sure you won't lost the independence spirit to find a nest of your own, just enjoy the break. Look at the bright side, we can meet regularly at Plangi now! Hehehehehehe

  2. Tiap harinya, Ness… Baca dooong. Hehehehe… Kita kan nggak ngantor di rumah, yang kantor sama kamar cuma berjarak beberapa langkah. Hehehe… Yang ada capek di jalan, sampe rumah ngantuk, bablas… :p

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