And the Bear Exercises…

I went yoga this morning. Ha! Didn’t think I’d really do it, did you?  Among other things, what motivates me is I already paid for the 3-month beginner’s course. My class is on every Saturday, 10 am, at Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Cultural Centre. Thank God by next week I will already be in Mampang, so I could wake up later than today and manage to get there on time.

Since today was the first session, the teacher (Mr. Singh) explained about the principles of Yoga and the differences between many Yogas we have today. It took up almost 30 minutes and the rest 30 minutes we finally started to bend and flex our muscles. Frankly, the hardest part hasn’t yet begun. I may be chubby, but I’m quite flexible from years of ballet lessons. But there were certain moves I couldn’t do perfectly anymore, and it irritated me. Blame my “B-shaped” stomach for that! Humph!

All in all, it’s a good way to start 2006, don’t you think? Getting up early, exercising, taking a bus ride home with minimum sweat, eating brunch, and getting another shower before the clock even struck noon! Watch out! This little bear is determined to get healthy!


10 thoughts on “And the Bear Exercises…

  1. 450ribu untuk 3 bulan. Ada kelas weekdays (2x seminggu, sore) atau weekend (1x seminggu, pagi), harga sama. Nanti kalo ada pembukaan lagi aku kasitau, soalnya yoga di situ jadi rebutan banget. Baru buka pendaftaran sehari bisa langsung diserbu.

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