The Big Three-Oh

How many of you guys remembered that it was my birthday yesterday?
Hmm… I can hear several “oops” coming out from you. But never you
mind… Since it was also Idul Adha (and that means a national
holiday), people tend to forget yesterday’s date. As for me, I was very
very busy packing my things because I was going to move out the next
day (that’s today) and I didn’t even feel as if I was having my
birthday yesterday even though 30 is not a small number (the “oops” you
just heard came out from my mouth, by the way). It’s really not fair!
So, I’ll tell you what. Since 30 is somewhat a milestone, I’m going to
extend my birthday for 30 days!Β 


17 thoughts on “The Big Three-Oh

  1. Wah untuk yang kayak gini Putra jangan diandalkan, Rin… Hihihihi… Narcissus Putranicus… :p
    But thanks ya Rin! (Btw, udah pernah liat Putra pucat pasi belom? Aku baru pertama kalinya liat mukanya berubah putih waktu kmaren dia bantuin ngangkat lemari pas aku pindahan… kikikikik…)

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