Seventh Heaven

Dear Lala (can I call you Lala?)


I remember you vividly. You have a beautiful thick & warm mezzo voice that I just love =)


You have to come to Nine Muses on Tuesday, it doesn’t have to be next Tuesday, any Tuesdays will do, and you will be my special guest. I’d like you to share your talent with all of us, maybe 3 or 4 Disney songs? I have a DISNEY FAKEBOOK that you can look thru. My pianist or I myself can play for you. Doesn’t have to be Disney songs, either, you can do any musicals if you wish. We have a huge BROADWAY FAKEBOOK too =)


So, let me know which Tuesday is good for you. Feel free to invite your friends to come along. We can talk and get to know each other =)



(name withheld)


It may take a while for me to respond both this email and your replies. Well, excuse me, I’m still up here in seventh heaven.


12 thoughts on “Seventh Heaven

  1. Wow! Nine Muses! Kereeennn!
    Si Aya nyanyi di situ sekali (3 bulan lalu) dan terbang ke langit ke tujuhnya sampe sekarang nih.. Pianisnya Rio Moreno bukan?
    Lala, kamu harus denger kalo mbak Cut Deviyanti maen+nyanyi.. nah itu yang dinamakan orgasme adio..

  2. Pianisnya aku gak tau namanya…

    Btw, it's Tjut Nyak DeviANA, setau aku. Yang di Institut Musik Daya kan? I auditioned for her years ago. Aku pernah denger dia nyanyi di rekaman video musical Malin Kundang yang aku translate buat IMD. Hehehe…

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