Little Bones in My Closet

This is not a major thing, like real skeleton in my closet… These are just little secrets that I have to share with you because Bayu tagged me. Here we go…

1. First Encounter with Alcohol
Believe it or not, I was waaaay under age when I tasted my first alcohol… maybe around 3 or 4 years old. My Dad was a lecturer at a national institute of arts in Central Jakarta (figure this one out yourself!) and that night they kinda threw a party. Anyway, I was there (probably because I was still an only child and my parents couldn’t find someone to babysit me?) and there was this curious-looking “cauldron” filled with colored liquid, and people would happily bring their glasses there and fill them up. At some point, my Dad gave me a sip of that drink… and later, I heard sounds in my head! Or rather I heard meaningless conversations in my head, like you get to hear in a market. Yeah, I was a drunken kid. How cool is that? That probably explains my behaviour several years ago. Cheers, mate!

2. Liar, Liar
I hated Physical Education at kindergarten. Not that I wasn’t an active kid, but I just got bored jumping up and down pretending to grab some leaves from the tree (“You want action? Go climb a tree”, I would say). So, one day I made an excuse to skip the class and it worked! And because it worked, I did it again… and again… and again… And from what I remember, I managed to skip most of the class. Hmm… I wonder if they actually called my parents and my parents played along with me… because I got away too easily, don’t you think?

3. Cold Feet
Ah, this is the perfect example of a liar being lied. One day at my pre-school days (that means I was only about 2.5 years old), I refused to go to school ever again. Why? Because they painted my feet blue and made me step on a paper to get my footmark–whatever the hell it was for. I hated it! First, I didn’t like to feel something wet (and slippery) under my feet (yeah, I was difficult like that); second, I didn’t see the point in doing all that; and third, I was not going to let them do that to me again! I managed to skip school for about a week, when one day my Mom said she wanted to take me someplace nice and I cheerily obliged. Damn, she caught me off-guard. She took me to that damn pre-school!!! And to make things worse (in my dictionary), I was only wearing a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of home slippers. How could you, Mom???  Well, but my Mom explained to the teachers about my “phobia”, and no more blue feet for me from that day on.

4. I’ve Got A Crush on You
This is pretty embarrassing, even for my age now. I was in junior high, and I had a huge crush on a senior-high schooler. And to my advantage (or not), I found out that my parents and his parents knew each other, thanks to their professions. So I knew this guy’s full name, address, the entire thing… But what I can’t figure out until now, what was I thinking when I decided to write him a letter? O.MY.GOD. It wasn’t a love letter (Thank God!) but still, it was as embarrassing… I think I said something about her sister being a famous ballerina and that I was doing ballet too… Geez. What a nerd! Anyways, that was not the end of the world. It was when one day my Mom told me that his Mom told my Mom that I sent a letter to her son! Ow, man! I didn’t even tell my Mom! Why did you have to tell her? It was supposed to be our little secret, you know…
The crush itself didn’t last for long. I soon had a huge crush on someone else (I was a teenager, what do you expect?). But to my horror, I met this guy at a client’s about 2 or 3 years ago, and though he wasn’t the client (that would be the end of the world part 2), he represented the multimedia company we were going to work together with for this client. At that time, I was grateful I didn’t look exactly like I was in junior high. So I guess he didn’t recognize me… and I was safe. Kids, don’t ever write letters to your crush! You’re going to regret it for the rest of your life…

5. Mean Girls
I was about 8 or 9 year old and I got this cool sticker from a magazine I bought. I put it in between the mirror and the frame at my house. One day, the sticker disappeared… but soon found inside my friend’s little safe deposit box (which I just returned), at her house. So, when my friend went to her room and left the thing unattended, I took my sticker back. I intentionally put the sticker back to where I last put it, so when my friend paid a visit to my house, the sticker would smile back (and maybe my friend would think she was going nuts: “I swear I did take the sticker, how did it… oops!”). Ah, I just love small victories…

OK, now it’s your turn to spill 5 of your little beans. I’m going to tag:

As for the rest of you, consider yourselves tagged. I really don’t want to push you into doing it, but if you have little secrets that are just eager to come out… please, by my guest… Have fun, people!


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