Separate Lives

By the time I’m writing this entry, my sister had landed safely in Finland. It’s minus 4 degrees Celcius there and it’s already snowing. She departed yesterday morning at around 7 am from home, when Victor and I were changing Freya’s diaper. It was a sad moment, but I couldn’t and shouldn’t cry because her going there is to embrace her happiness. In 8 days’ time, she will be a man’s wife, and she’ll practically enter a whole new life.

God is so good, for He sent me little Freya just 2 weeks before my sister went away. It’s as if somehow I was sent a replacement. But the truth is, I miss my sister just the same. Probably even much more than I can imagine. Though this is not the first time we live apart from each other, this is the first time we’re separated by so many lands and seas…

Dear Sister, if you’re reading this, I wish you all the best in life. I hope we meet again soon!


10 thoughts on “Separate Lives

  1. hehe hix hix (loh, sbenernya nangis apa ktawa sih??)
    well..truth is, i was so so sad but also so so happy at the same time (still am) ;__;

    but i really have a feeling we will meet again soon 🙂 jadi, bearing that positive thought in mind, i can face the rough days here (“rough” karna cuacanya loh, bukan kehidupan berumah tangganya 😀 hihi)

    yah, skarang enjoy your new life too with Freya, kali2 nantinya dia juga bisa diajak telepati pas main pictionary? 😀 hehehehe..a new partner in crime!

    salam buat smua di rumah yaaa! (padahal skarang juga lagi ceting sama Ma2 :D) salam juga dari Antti (OmAntChan)!

    (selanjutnya, mari dilanjutkan di email, lalala..)

  2. Wuahh, Freya ya namanya… nordic sekali :p Selamat ya Lala… I understand what you're feeling, secara gw juga in the same position as Puni kaan. Just remember love conquers all 🙂

    Puniiii…. kapan bisa ngobroll skype id doong.. biar kita bisa ngobrol !!! skype id gw pricia26…

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