Me Wants…

1. 1.5-hour massage with body scrub or aromatherapy at Relax Living, Pondok Indah –> they’re renovating just in time my hubby decides to give me this as a birthday present. Heh.

2. Pre-order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the 7th and the last of the series scheduled to be released on July 7th, 2007 (someone’s 31st birthday… hihihi). It’s available for pre-order at at the moment. Last year I pre-ordered Half-blood Prince from TGA, and my sister from Aksara. Anyone knows where to do that this time?

3. Finish watching the latest DVDs I bought. Yeah, being a full-time mom includes not being able to finish what you’re doing most of the time. So far I haven’t finished Black Dahlia, Open Season, Running with Scissors. The only one I got to finish lately is Marie Antoinette because my hubby took care of Freya while my Mom and I watched the movie over a pack of Act II popcorn.

4. A double of myself. So I can do some translation and not miss one thing my daughter does. She now likes to coo (and produces all those cute sounds), chats with her imaginary companions (most probably Miauw the Rattle, Pinky the teddy bear, and Bunny… although it might be the air-conditioner as well), flips over to one side (preferrably her right side) and lifts her head to 90 degree. My Mom even witnessed her first actual laugh and I haven’t.

5. Finish translating this particular book so I can get the payment to pay my bills and debts, and start saving up for Freya.

6. To go to Finland to visit my sister. I wish, I wish… Yeah, they’re telling me it’s easier to travel with an infant rather than a toddler (and cheaper too). But I don’t think I can handle it by myself, not without my hubby… and knowing my hubby and the company he works for, small chance he’ll get a very long time-off. Anyway, I heard from my Mom that my sister and her hubby are coming by the end of this year. I really hope so.

There are many more, but as I said earlier: “being a full-time mom includes not being able to finish what you’re doing most of the time”, I’m afraid I have to go. Freya is waking up from her short nap in front of the TV and I have to take a shower soon.


9 thoughts on “Me Wants…

  1. huauhauha rasakaaaan!!

    lalaaa waahh aku pengen nengokin freya ah!! sori yah belom main ke sana lagi, been a while! udah bisa apa aja dia? mogamoga wiken ini bisa mainmain yaaahhhh…amin.

    eh ngomongngomong, aku udah baca TIME LIMIT. OH TIDAAAAKKK BUKU ITU SUNGGUH TIDAK PENTING wahuahuaahuhauhuahuahua…i love nina onoda!!

  2. huwah!! gosip! 😀 maksutnyah, ini baru rencana/impian lowh, jadi belom tentu kita mampu (doain aja ada banyak kerjaan waxing… 😐 tapi kasian juga ya si Antti, ntar yg ada pas ke Indo malah encok)
    btw!!!! ntar klo gue ke Indo, gue & Antti juga mau ke Relax Living!!! HARUS! trus trus…jadi ga, nginep semaleman di Ancol? 😉 gue juga mauwwww…

  3. Hehehe… Tapi kan lebih mungkin dibanding gue yang ke sana… Soalnya di sini kalo kita iseng nge-wax lantai paling dapetnya terimakasih doang, bukan bonus… :p :p :p
    Ntar kalo Antti encok, tenang aja, Relax Living tiap hari! Hahaha…

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