A Quirky Fact About My New Boss

Take a good look at the picture. Do you feel like you’ve seen them somewhere?




Yup, you’re right. They were one of the contestants in The Amazing Race Asia season 1. That’s my boss on the left. How cool is that? Hehehe…

So this is how it went: when I first heard his [company] name from Elmo/Mira, it instantly rang a bell since it’s not a very common name. I DID connect it to The Amazing Race Asia but thought, “Masa seeeh dunia sesempit itu?” Anyway, last Wednesday I came to the office and I saw this banner on the front door that said “The Amazing Race Asia”. But at the time I already forgot about the connection I made inside my head until I finally met the guy myself. I was like, “Hey, where did I see this face before?” It took me a complete trip back home before I realized that he IS who I thought he was. And then I texted my cousin, she confirmed it and added that I was the only one among her friends that realizes the fact.

Whether I’m just too much of a TV addict, I don’t care. It’s quirky, and I just can’t stand not to write about it. Too many “coincidences” like this in my life and I am sure it means-something-but-I-don’t-know-what.

Disclaimer: picture taken from here


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